Yes…Winter is just around the corner…

Here are 6 ways you can stay motivated during our colder months.

  1.  Mix up your training routine
    The quickest way to fall of a bandwagon is boredom. Mix up your training by adding in a body balance class or two each week or go for a walk with a friend. Keeping an interesting training routine means you are less likely to skip training!
  2. Treat your training sessions like any other appointments and meetings– Your workout is no different than to your weekly business meeting or drs appointment. It’s a meeting with yourself. Schedule your training session in your diary or Google Cal. You don’t reschedule your meetings for no apparent reason, so why should you reschedule your training session?
  3.  Remove any hurdles that may stop you from training – ok so we know that is warm under the blankets, but make your workout so convenient that you can’t avoid it. Wear your training clothes to bed (yes there are people who do this), pack all your bags and meals the night before so you just have to grab them and go.
  4. Make it a habit with another habit – Stacking your training session on top of a habit you may already have is a great way to start incorporating healthy habits into your life! Like dropping the kids to school and you keep driving to the gym and before you get a coffee routine.
  5. Focus on how it makes you FEEL– Remember how good and energised you feel after that morning cardio session; or how toned and more confident you feel after that weights session or balance class. Focus on how good you feel after a class – it will most certainly help you to get out of bed even when it’s cold!
  6. Find a workout buddy or get a PT session– sometimes we need other people to help motivate us and keep us accountable. You are less likely to cancel a session when you know someone is waiting for you at the gym and/ or if you have already paid for that session! 🙂 Schedule a catch up with a friend at the gym or go get that coffee afterwards. IF you are just starting out at the gym and classes might be a little too intimidating, come and inquire about getting a PT session ! A few sessions will equip you with the basics at the gym and keep your motivation level high!

These are just a few ways you can stay motivated when it’s cold- do you have any tips to share? Feel free 🙂